Conventional Gas Kit
SMART – FAST Sequential

Sequential Gas Injection System
Lovato has successfully developed the 3rd Generation Alternate Fuel System for modern cars known as FAST, system has all of the attributes and benefits of the earlier system. In Addition it is super intelligent and it has the ability to inject gas in a truly sequential manner and it allow to fuel each Cylinder with optimized flow sand injection lines by means of an injection common rail. The injection time given by the original cars ECU is used as main parameter in the definition of the injection tiem in CNG mode.
FAST guarantee long term stability in power, emissions and easy diving equivalent to petrol operation FAST is introduce in India for the first time by Lovato for better and smooth performance in higher range and Euro IV segments of Indian Vehicle.
FAST is a sequential gas injection fully computerized technology and matching Euro IV standards. It is one of the most popular system in European market.
Economical advantage by the use of signifaicant percentage of CNG.
No Modification on Engine operation.
No Power loss, No Backfire – Safe Working Condition.
Environment benefit with reduction of pollution emission.
Fully computerized ECU controlled, world best system.