Conventional Gas Kit
SMART – FAST Sequential
"Only by believing in the future have we been able to construct stability and safety that take their inspiration from freedom and lightness" (Ottorino Lovato).

Officne Lovato S.P.A Vicenza- Italy since 1958, this is one of the oldest and largest hi-tech manufacturing companies for LPG/CNG conversion system for automotive applications. Lovato brand having leading position in the more than 82 countries across the world, Lovato kits fitted as an OEM in Italy, Poland, France, India and Iranian cars.

Lovato auto gas has obtained most highly acknowledge homologation and approval certificates at an international level, it attest the quality standards achieved by the company.

Lovato auto gas is supplying gas conversion system in the market which is deliver high quality performance and reliability, interested engine life, improved mileage and lower emission.

In India Lovato conversion kit has created its own brand image and running successfully in more than two million cars from last sixteen years, are the best possible proof of the success of a design that is characterized by reliability and ease of installation.

The product have been approved and accepted by Indian govt. Department like ARAI / VRDE / ICAT / CIRT as well as RTO.